African Mango

African Mango

What is African Mango?

Hold the phone folks, we’ve got a new magical weight loss supplement on our hands. It’s called African Mango and it may just become the next great super fruit weight loss supplement (think along the same lines as Acai and Green Tea). Let’s rephrase that – the weight loss manufactures may lead you to believe it is the next great super fruit weight loss supplement. Nothing’s for sure; but we do know a couple of things that play in the new supplement’s favor, such as the fact that it’s featured in the top fat burner on the market Apidexin.

Where does it come from?

Before we go any further let’s begin with a little background information. The West African Mango is grown naturally in the rainforests of Cameroon Africa. The scientific name of the fruit is called Irvingia gabonensis and is considered to be a natural source of cholesterol management.

How does it help me lose weight?

But while cholesterol management is good, and believe us we’re all for that, we’re here to discuss how this ingredient actually aids in weight loss.

Maybe the biggest factor could be the fruit’s natural ability to act as an appetite suppressant. We’re not talking your basic appetite suppression here – but a rather effective means of controlling your daily intake.

Leptin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps us control our appetites; however, most obese people have built up a resistance to leptin because, in part, to high levels of C-reactive protein (CPR). CPR can bind to leptin, lessening its effectiveness.  But the nutrients in African Mango seem to lower the levels of CPR in the body allowing leptin to accomplish it’s natural design with greater effectiveness.

African Mango is also believed to increase the body’s production of Adiponectin. Why is this important? Adiponectin is a hormone that the body uses to increase the individual cell’s sensitivity to insulin, thus improving its glucouse and fat metabolism potential. By increasing those levels the body can turn more fat into burned energy.

What does the scientific community say?

There are several studies often quoted on the web in support of the fruit. The most common being a study performed by the University of Yaounde in Cameroon (and subsequently published by Lipids in the Health and Disease Journal) which involved the testing of 102 overweight and obese adults.

Each was assigned 150 milligrams of the African Mango seed extract or a placebo twice daily for 10 weeks. Those participating in the study were told to not alter or change their diets but to go on with life as usual.

After the study concluded, significant weight loss was discovered. Many of those taking the African Mango extract lost on average 28 pounds! That’s a significant amount of weight; those taking the placebo showed no weight fluxuation at all.

Reports also showed those taking the African Mango extract also lowered their LDL levels or bad cholesterol levels and even blood sugar levels decreased.

Here’s the problem with all of this: the study, which the above results are based, was done by a University in Cameroon – the very country where the fruit comes from.  Now, I’m not going to go so far as to cry foul but it does make me a bit uneasy.

I mean, the country would have a lot at stake if the berry became a huge domestic export right? Until I see definitive proof from a respected University here in the good ‘ole United States I’ll take these results with a grain of salt.

The Downside

Another downside to the African Mango is in the high dosage amounts the extract needs to be effective. The extract calls for about 1500mg twice daily for it to show any type of visible results. If your weight loss supplement carries anything less then this then you’re simply paying for window dressing. Make sure you get the right amounts of the extract if you want to give the supplement the best chance at success.

Final thoughts

While we like the potential of the African Mango extract we want to see a little bit more research on the fruit before we start giving it the green light. We’re always wary of the next great “super fruit” as we’ve been burned to many times before.

We finally learned that you can’t jump on every train that comes into town, no matter how delightful and amazing it sounds – but if Apidexin is a good example of what African Mango can really do, then this super fruit definitely holds some promise for weight loss. You can read more about what African Mango can do at

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